Affecting Factors to Lifespan of Vertical Roller Mill?

Posted by Amelia on May 16, 2023
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    A vertical roller mill is an important piece of equipment that can be used to grind, mix and dry a variety of materials. However, it's important to know the factors that affect the lifespan of this machine.

    Acceleration and vibration.

    Vibration and acceleration are two major factors that affect the lifespan of vertical roller mill. Vibration can cause the rollers to wear out, while high acceleration will also lead to excessive wear on the rollers.

    Materials with certain characteristics - rock or cast iron.

    In the course of using vertical roller mills, you will encounter some problems with materials. Some materials may have certain characteristics that affect the performance of vertical roller mill equipment. This article describes these characteristics and provides methods for dealing with them.

    • Rock or cast iron:

    When you are grinding the rock or cast iron, the material is completely different from other fine powder materials. It has a very strong adhesive force and forms agglomerates during grinding process, which will make it difficult to be pulverized into powder particles by a high-speed rotation of impeller and shaft at high speed (600-800 r/min). Therefore, it can hardly meet requirements for particle size distribution required by customers in order to use them in various fields such as construction materials production industry, chemical industry etc.. In order to solve this problem we recommend using an appropriate device (such as mixer) before starting up VGRM so that we can make sure material grains do not stick together when they enter into VGRM because if they stick together inside our machine then this leads directly towards poor products quality such as low efficiency in refining due unwanted particles get mixed up with refined grains leading ultimately results in lower yield percentage during refining process

    Costs of operation.

    One of the primary factors that affect the lifespan of a mill is the costs associated with its operation. These costs can generally be broken down into two categories: electricity and maintenance/repair.

    The cost of electricity will depend on a number of factors, including:

    • The size of your mill and its motor size (i.e., horsepower).
    • The type of material being milled. For example, some materials require more power than others to break them down into smaller pieces.
    • Your geographical location and availability of power sources in your area (e.g., coal mines might produce more power than hydroelectric dams).

    Maintenance and costs.

    Of course, the lifespan of a vertical roller mill is also influenced by its maintenance and costs. The first factor is related to the size of your mill. The larger it is, the more expensive will be its maintenance. However, there are some exceptions: if you have a large number of feed materials with different hardness levels, then it would be better for you to have a big vertical roller mill because its bigger rollers can crush hard materials well but cannot crush soft ones well; on the other hand, if all your material has an average hardness level then it would be better for you to buy small mills. In addition to this factor there are several others that also affect your decision about which size vertical roller mill should be purchased:

    • condition - If it's old or damaged then obviously its lifespan will decrease significantly as well.
    • type/quality - Some brands have higher quality than others so naturally they will last longer than their lower quality counterparts

    The condition of the rollers and grinding media, bearing wear, etc.

    The condition of the rollers and grinding media, bearing wear, etc. are also some of the factors that affect the lifespan of vertical roller mill. The life of a V-grinder is mainly related to its maintenance: if you do not maintain your equipment in good order, it will appear obvious faults quickly.


    The temperature of the ground material, as well as the milling chamber affect the quality and durability of your vertical roller mill. In high temperatures, wear on the bearings increases and thus shortens their lifespan. In low temperatures, however, some lubrication agents may not be able to perform effectively and will require more frequent maintenance than usual

    It's important to check the operation, maintenance and condition of a vertical roller mill regularly.

    It's important to check the operation, maintenance and condition of a vertical roller mill regularly. Check the rollers and grinding media regularly, bearing wear, etc. Check if there is any damage on the machine and make sure that all parts are working normally. The important point is to keep track of temperature both inside and outside of the machine so as to avoid overheating or overloading problems.

    Some other factors may also affect the lifespan of vertical roller mill like using environment, using pace etc.

    The life of vertical roller mill is closely related to the working environment, daily maintenance and operation. The lifespan of vertical roller mill depends on many many factors! If you have good manufacturer, they will teach how to do a routine check on your machine and daily maintenance.

    • Environment: When using in the same environment conditions, the wear resistance of some parts are different due to different material compositions. The most common situation is that if you want to change the original material or add a new one, it will affect the lifespan of your mill and reduce its service life significantly.2) Users' operation habits: Whether it's a complex operation or simple operation mode for each person, we can see that people operate differently from each other.3) Maintenance: How well has it been maintained? Is there anything wrong with it? What kind of problem does it cause? For example when replacing parts such as bearings/rotors/pulleys/bearings etc., was everything replaced according to instructions?4) Quality level (poor quality materials): Poor quality materials may affect how long your equipment lasts.5) Working speed changes: Generally speaking when working speed changes frequently during long-term use (usually more than 6000 hours), there will be some impact on its components like pulley wheels etc..

    The lifespan of vertical roller mill depends on many many factors!

    The lifespan of vertical roller mill depends on many many factors!

    It is not only the material property, equipment itself and grinding efficiency. The lifespan also depends on using environment and using pace. For example: if you want to use your vertical roller mill in a wet environment or under harsh conditions, this will shorten its life span.


    In conclusion, it’s important to keep maintenance on your vertical roller mill up-to-date and to check for potential issues before they become a problem. We hope that this article has given you some insight into how a vertical roller mill works!
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