How can I use a 5-inch cutting disc on a 4-inch angle grinder?

Posted by Amelia on March 17, 2023
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    You've got a great idea for a project and you're ready to start. You go to the store and pick out an angle grinder, but when you get home, you realize there's one problem: The cutting disc that came with it is too big for your tool! What can you do? Well, there are several ways to solve this problem. You could buy an adapter so that your 4-inch angle grinder can use 5-inch discs; or if this seems too expensive or unnecessary, then maybe just get a brand new 5-inch grinder with a smaller cutting disc; or if neither of those options works for you (or their prices don't seem worth it), then consider getting an angle grinder that's 4 inches instead (because after all, they say size matters).

    Should I get an adapter for the 4-inch disc to fit the 4-inch grinder?

    If you want to use a 4-inch disc on your 5-inch angle grinder, it's possible. The first thing you'll need is an adapter, which will cost around $10 or so. This tool allows you to mount your 4-inch discs onto the 5-inch grinder shaft and maintain their original size.

    You can also do the opposite—use a 5-inch disc on your 4-inch angle grinder—but this isn't necessary since most discs are made in both sizes anyway. So if you're willing to spend just a few dollars and have some patience, then yes: You can use any of these tools interchangeably with no hassle at all!

    You can buy an adapter for just a few dollars.

    You can buy an adapter for just a few dollars. This adapter will allow you to use your 4-inch angle grinder with a 5-inch cutting disc, but it won't cost more than the 5-inch cutting disc itself.

    If you're serious about using your angle grinder for large tasks such as cutting concrete or removing roofing tiles, buying an adapter is probably worth the money.

    Or do I get a 5-inch grinder?

    If you're looking for a 5-inch angle grinder, you may have some sticker shock. The higher price tag of the larger tools is a fair trade off for their increased power and grip. If you do opt for an upgrade, be sure to check out our article on how to use an angle grinder safely so that you can take full advantage of your new purchase!

    Whichever way you go, it will cost you money.

    Whichever way you go, it will cost you money.

    If you want to use a 5-inch disc on your 4-inch grinder, there are two ways to do so:

    • Use an adapter that fits the 5-inch discs onto your 4-inch arbor or shaft (which is what I did). This will allow you to operate at full speed when cutting with your 5" disc.
    • Use a smaller blade in conjunction with an adaptor that allows for both blades to be used together on one arbor/shaft. This means that if using this method, only one blade can be used at a time, and the user must manually switch back and forth between them as needed.

    Do I need to buy a 5-inch grinder for my purpose?

    A 5-inch disc is better for cutting and grinding. The faster the rotation of the disc, the more friction it produces, which means that you need a stronger motor to power a 5-inch grinder than you do for a 4-inch grinder. As such, it's important to make sure that your machine has enough power to handle your needs.

    If you're looking to use this tool primarily for polishing or smoothing surfaces (which requires less force), then consider using a 4-inch disc on a 5/6/7 inch angle grinder as they are designed with less torque than their larger counterparts.

    A 4-inch angle grinder would work better.

    I'm not a fan of using a 5-inch cutting disc on a 4-inch angle grinder. The 5-inch discs are much harder to control and hold less material, which means you'll have to make more passes when grinding your metal.

    A 4-inch angle grinder would work better if you're looking for an easy tool that still has enough power and precision to remove metal quickly and easily. Since they're smaller, they're also lighter, making them easier to maneuver around tight spaces (like when you're working on your car). They cost less than their larger counterparts as well; this may be important if you're just getting started with metalworking projects or are short on funds but want something that gives good performance at a reasonable price point.

    Why should I get a 4-inch angle grinder if this is the case?

    A 4-inch grinder is a better option if you want to use your angle grinder for extended periods of time. The larger size makes it easier to hold and operate, which means that you'll be able to use it for longer without getting tired or losing grip. This extra weight allows the tool to cut through tougher materials more easily, giving you more versatility in what tasks you can complete with your tool.

    An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can help you polish and cut materials, including metal.

    Angle grinders are a versatile tool that can help you polish and cut materials, including metal. They’re used for many different purposes and are available in a range of sizes. You can use them to cut, polish, sand and grind, so they can be especially useful when you need to make repairs around the house or work on a project at home. They’re also commonly used in industrial applications where more powerful tools may not be necessary for certain tasks.

    A 5-inch cutting disc is typically used with 4-inch angle grinders because of their smaller size; however, this doesn't mean that larger discs won't fit onto these small machines. Using an undersized disc on your machine will cause it to overheat quickly or possibly even damage the blade guard and casing surrounding it as well as reduce its lifespan significantly (which may result in expensive repairs), so make sure you get one made specifically for your equipment before buying anything else!


    You can use a 5-inch disc on a 4-inch grinder, but it's not recommended. It's better to get an adapter or buy a new tool if you need to work with small pieces of metal. The 4-inch grinder is cheaper and more versatile than the 5-inch version.
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